Digital Insights

Is Spaghetti Sauce a Metaphor for Marketing?

This morning, I was watching a Malcolm Gladwell Ted Talk called Choice, Happiness and Spaghetti Sauce. In this talk, he talks about how Pyschophysicist Howard Moskowitz  helped change not only Spaghetti Sauce, but the direction of food product creation.

It is hard to imagine a time when there wasn’t much food choice on the shelves of the grocery store.  The consumer could get one type of sauce from a few different vendors like Prego, Chef Boyardee and Ragu. 

Mobile Shoppers Stay in top of Shopping Funnel?

Yes, Mobile shopping is only growing. Recently, there was an eMarketer article that Mobile shoppers are more at the top of the funnel.  They might browse on mobile, but they buy through some other method. 

When I went to read the article, I did a double take with the sentence  – “But it’s still largely an upper-funnel affair, with fewer than seven in 10 of those mobile shoppers actually making a purchase on their device.”

Christmas / Holiday Shopping – Let the Games Begin

Yes, it is the end of September. Did you start your Christmas shopping – or holiday shopping – yet?  

It might seem a little bananas, but 20% of people have already started with the chore of working through that list of the perfect present. It is true that 39% of people will begin in November with an additional 20% in December.