Digital Strategy

Our Digital Marketing Strategy methodology begins with an existing online footprint review.  Before you can determine the way to move forward, you have to assess where you are.  Once it is determined the places where you are having an impact, we will work to develop and sync your marketing goals to the appropriate online networks.

As part of our assessment, we will take a look at your online and offline competitors to find out where they are excelling and where you an easily beat them. We will perform a assessment to determine capabilities and priorities.

Once this is completed, we look at the existing content on the website for optimization opportunities, review existing campaign efforts and make recommendations for actions that will bring more traffic to drive your business goals.

We will also outline an action plan that will give direction to move the needle on opportunities, weakness and threats. A Digital Strategy will be created to provide a road map for ongoing marketing activities that can be translated into an action plan and editorial calendar.

Since search algorithms are perpetually being updated and digital channels are always changing, we recommend an ongoing program to create digital analytics dashboards that will track the performance of inbound activity and also performance to goals to ensure the quality of digital marketing traffic is helping to drive the business part of the website.

Contact us today to find out more about the digital strategy process and how you can get started!