Content is the Hub to the Digital Marketing Spoke

Content Strategy

With so many digital marketing options, businesses can be bogged down in the endless online choices. We provide strategic guidance to help determine how to produce the right content. We focus on determining the right kind of content to create, the right placements for that content, what is the timing of content across digital channels, how your audience will engage with it and how effectively it is working.

We take a holistic approach to working with clients on their digital content strategy and beyond, ensuring that all aspects affecting the strategy are taken into account including vision, business goals, customer needs, competitive analysis, target audiences, current content situation and resourcing constraints.

Research: We use conduct keyword and competitor research as the starting point for our content strategy. Those efforts help us to build a picture of the performance of your site that will also include persona development, user journey analysis, and content gap analysis. These tools help us understand how you can create the content your customers are looking for and how to craft that content to convert into sales and leads.

‍Planning: Once the overall understanding of content is created, the process of mapping content to the user journey begins. From this point, the research elements are solidified by completing an editorial calendar, social media plan and SEO strategy. Updates and recommendations for page design and user experience might be included to help improve the conversion process.

Creation: It is time to put pen to paper, or get the keyboard going to create content. Using all of the tools from research and planning, the content will be created, distributed and promoted to get the most value in the digital marketing universe.

Measuring: When the execution of a content strategy beings, so does the real work. By using online sentiment and website analysis, the performance of the content strategy can be measure and adjusted for maximum impact.

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