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Check Your SEO Score

How is your website performing when it comes to search engine compliance? Use our tool to get a snapshot of how your site is performing. You can also find our more about our SEO services.

3 Steps to Check Your Website SEO Health

Have you ever wondered how your website is doing in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) game?

Well, you have already taken the first step. That’s right, a good deal of companies don’t worry about or check their search engine performance. One of the easy places to look is right in your analytics package.  Since Google Analytics is commonly found in smaller companies, I will use their analytics package as an example.  You could look at a couple of different reports to see if you are doing well.

Do Online Research Like the Miracles

When I saw this research, for some reason, the song by The Miracles popped into my head.  You know the one, “My momma told me, you better shop around.”  

Ok, they might have been talking about finding the right girl, but doesn’t almost anything in life that is worth a nickel deserve some research.  We all do it.  And apparently, we do a lot of it online.

2020 Marketing Trends to Watch … Again

We are always looking over the horizon to see ‘what is next’ in the marketing world. As I was reading through the predictions for 2020, I thought I had accidentally hit the rewind button. In an unscientific manner, I have aggregated the topics that I considered to be the most talked about in the news and communications I read.

Don’t misunderstand me. I think there are some valuable lessons in these trends. I just have a few thoughts about them.

Stakeholder Management Strategy

Stakeholder Management is thought of as one of those ‘traditional” public relations services. There is so much complexity to managing communications with and by corporate stakeholders.

Withe the rise of social media activism and growing power of online media, effective stakeholder management has shifted from only traditional to integrated online media.

There are more and more examples of how the influence of stakeholders can be immense. If these influences are not managed correctly, it can lead lead to project delays, draining of needed resource, political intervention or even project termination.

The Phillips Group has created a post that give insights on stakeholder management. They also provide strategies for positive stakeholder management.

The combination of these two approaches provides effective ways to prepare for stakeholder issues before they arise, or manage stakeholder when they happen.