Digital Insights

The Rise of “Near Me” SEO

In a usability study we did for a client pitch in 2009, we queried users how they looked for auto repair vendors. We didn’t ask them how they ‘searched’ for these repair shops, so we got answers like “I ask my dad” or “my husband picked a place”  . . . a pretty typical scenario.  

We further asked them, what factors they ultimately used to make the selection.  Where location and distance from home/work a factor? The resounding answer was YES.

Google Data Studio Lift Report Restrictions

If you haven’t been looking at Google Data Studio to create great reports and sleek dashboards, you have been missing out.  For those of use who have been slathering ourselves in the sleek functionality, we have only been held back by the restriction of creating only 5 reports per profile.

Yes, it hearkened back to the days of Analytics Profiles and Goal Creation in Google Analytics.  However, Google Announced an early bit of love it is spreading by lifting the 5 report limit in Data Studio.  

Backup up UX with Analytics and SEO

Over the years, I have clung to the phrase “fact based decision making” as a kind of guiding principle.  There are time when you gut might jump in there and lead you down the right path. However, there is a real problem with letting your gut determine the path.

In a recent meeting, a client did a new page design review with their web user team. This client has a network of sites that follows the same structure and UX, so it is basically changed one place and changed everywhere.

Analytics Infographics to Engage Business Users

As most of us know, getting your business users to get engaged with web analytics can be a challenge. You can send them Google analytics reports, create endless dashboards or do extensive monthly reports and recommendations.  

Sometimes the trick is making it simple, but adding a dash of insight. One method we use at Digital Insight Labs is to use information graphics.  Yes, we do the homework by creating dashboards and extensive reports.  After that process, we use a tool called Venngage to create these dashboards.  An example of one is below.

Taking Good Work for Granted

So this is kind of a strange topic.  Most people blog about how to hire a great agency or employee who will do more for you. That isn’t what this post is about.  This blog is about how to recognize when you have an agency or employee that is quietly getting great results for you every day.

It is easy to get caught in the trap of the slick sales pitch, the latest whiz bang technology or marketing wonder.  To have someone fawn over you in the pursuit to get your business, or do something really cool in marketing is attractive.  Let’s be honest, that person or this-minute technology is almost never there for the long haul.