Digital Insights

Digital Insight Roundup – Aug 5

There is always interesting conversation about Mobile, but this week, I found an abundance of interesting behavior and content articles about Mobile that I thought I would share.

Mobile Content

Don’t mistake ‘mobile-friendly’ web layouts for good mobile content.  The team at Search Engine people that combines good mobile design with some basic tips for writing mobile content

Search Keyword (not provided)

If you haven’t noticed, Google has been masking keywords in analytics. There were changes made last year that has mean the volume of searches where the keyword is NOT provided has skyrocketed.  Currently, Google is hiding over 77% of searches in this category.

What does that mean for SEO practitioners and corporate analytics reports? It means that instead of being bound to the almighty keywords, marketers will have to take an holistic approach to search optimization.  

Content Alloys

I recently gave a presentation for a client about digital content.  I focused a good deal of the conversation around SEO and Paid Search.  However, this presentation is meant to get the audience to take a step back and think about how customers interact with them in the online and offline world.

I think all of this is pretty straightforward information, but sometimes it is good to have a reminder because we get so focused on specific tasks that we can’t see the forest through the trees.