Taking Good Work for Granted

So this is kind of a strange topic.  Most people blog about how to hire a great agency or employee who will do more for you. That isn’t what this post is about.  This blog is about how to recognize when you have an agency or employee that is quietly getting great results for you every day.

It is easy to get caught in the trap of the slick sales pitch, the latest whiz bang technology or marketing wonder.  To have someone fawn over you in the pursuit to get your business, or do something really cool in marketing is attractive.  Let’s be honest, that person or this-minute technology is almost never there for the long haul.  

Some people work hard every day to make things seem effortless. I liken it to gymnastics.  It might seem like the easiest thing in the world to walk up to a set of uneven parallel bars and just swing around. It just takes a little momentum, right? 

Think again! It takes a lot of skill, training and strength to make it look so effortless.  That’s right, not the tough releases and other ‘gymnastics,’ but just the basics.  It is hard to make the basics look like they do not require effort.

 So what spawned this train of thought.  While I was working on some analytics reports, I realized I still had access to see the report of an organization that I worked with years ago.  In full candor, I was a volunteer and belonged to this organization. I worked on their website and social media in my spare time as a free contribution to being involved with the organization. A few years ago, I moved away from the city where the organization was located. After that, I  wasn’t a member of the organization, but still did the website because I like the people so much.

When the organization got new board members, they were being very demanding about what was on the website and how it should be managed. I am always open to ideas, but at this point, I was being bullied and kind of demeaned.  Without getting into further details, I relinquished control of the site, and made sure I turned over all the access and necessary programming for them.

Today, the chart above is what I saw when I compared the last 12 months of them running the site, and a comparable 12 months of me running the site.

What that chart says to me is this, it can look easy.  Just keep in mind, it isn’t always easy. It is work … the good ones just make it look like it isn’t.  

I’m not saying to stick with someone or something that isn’t working. I’m not saying to never switch employees or agencies.  Not at all.  I am just trying to shine a little light on the folks out there who I know are kicking butt every day  .  . adeptly and quietly.  This post is for you!