Crossing the Street

Thoughts on Changing Perspective

It is very easy to get into a rut.  To always think the same way about a problem.  As someone who works with a wide variety of companies, I often get the question, “What do you know about our industry?”

My value to clients is knowing online marketing and to take the time to find out what YOU know about your industry. Let’s just start by saying that I have worked in dozens of industries at this point in my career and have a strong background in areas that seem down right unrelated. It has suited me well, because I always like to be learning and exploring.

Always working with different companies on different products and services, it forces me to change perspective. I’ve always been proud of that, but today I had a strange thought  . . am I stuck in a rut in my own industry?

There are certain ways I do things. Working for myself, I don’t have as much interaction with other marketers as I used to have when I worked for an agency on in the offices as a contractor. I listen to a lot of podcasts and attend conferences to stay fresh. It is hard to take the time, but it makes a difference. I also occasionally get to work with other agencies and get a window into new ways to think about marketing.

If I didn’t do these things, it would be like walking to the office (which I have been doing for years) or driving if that is what you do, the same exact way every day and every time.  Sometimes, when you cross the street and just walk on the other side of the block, you notice a whole new world or details that you missed every single day.

What am I saying here? Perspective … it is easy to change, but you have to think about needing it. You have to think about crossing the street.  You can’t worry that taking a different road that might be longer or get you lost. You don’t know until you try to travel that path.

Feeling like you are in a rut  . . . cross the street!