Google Data Studio Updates Filters and Adds Segments

There was news that Google Data Studio was globally released this week. However, I think the bigger news was that there were some upgrades to the features available including an improvement to the filters and the additional of custom segments from Google Analytics.

Let’s step through the filter updates first.

  1. Reusable – Once you create a filter, you can now use it on as many different components on the report as you want. No more recreating identical filters!
  2. Compound Filters – Just like in Google Analytics, you can combine multiple AND and OR filter conditions in one filter.
  3. Metric filters – Filter metric values that are too large, too small, or within a specified range.

Find more details about the Filters in the Data Studio Help pages.

Even more exciting – Custom Segments.  I use these on a regular basis to wrangle campaign and user experienced data

  1. Segments Available – You can see all your Google Analytics segments in Data Studio
  2. Apply Segments – Just like any other filter or data configutation, you can apply custom segments to any chart.
  3. Automated Definition Update – If you update the definition of your segments in Google Analytics, those changes will apply in Data Studio.

Find more details about Custom Segments in the Data Studio Help pages.