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SEO Audit

In order to understand the best strategy for maximum search exposure, we will complete a comprehensive audit including keyword target, website coding/technical, search market penetration and competitor comparison review for your website.

SEMRush SEO Audit Screen

The scope of this project will be a focus on your business markets. Our audits include the evaluation of international areas including North America, EMEA and Asia Pacific markets. In order to create actionable tactics, there are several elements of the SEO Strategy review that need to be completed including:

Defining Marketing Goals and Benchmarks

We will clarify and confirm overall goals for the website include award support and lead generation. We work with our clients to create or define a set of metrics and goals. Once this is completed, we will develop benchmarks to define success for the website and overall SEO initiative. The metrics establish include overall search traffic, website traffic increase and improvement on selected goal conversion points.

Search Performance Audit and Technical Review

This review includes evaluating what is being indexed by Google and reviewing updates in a website’s Search Console Account in Google. The indexed pages will be audited to evaluate if essential elements such as meta information and seo element tags are present and in compliance.

In addition, the website is reviewed for coding and technical SEO standards. The technical evaluation includes elements that search engines promote as complete code that complies with SEO standards including mobile friendliness.

The search audit will include an analysis of the current analytics, inbound linking quality and search engine performance for the website. The review includes three comparison groups/companies to help determine SEO opportunities, cultivate competitive keywords clusters and inbound linking opportunities.

Keyword Cluster Development

To leverage search opportunities, we develop keyword cluster sets for your website. Google uses data clustering to help evaluate multiple states of a word, so using this approach helps to see the impact of content on the scope of a keyword cluster. In each keyword cluster, a set of keywords will be established to serve as a guide for SEO optimization throughout the content.

As part of the keyword research, additional terms focused on problem resolution are evaluated to determine if the structure of the existing website supports these types of queries.

SEO Strategy and Tactical Report

After the analysis and review are completed, an SEO strategy review will be completed. This report summarizes the findings from each of the review elements. In addition, specific SEO execution tactics will be outlined including Linking Building opportunities. We work with our clients to review and outline the execution of these tactics, and then refine the SEO tactical plan.

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