Art Dimensions Online

SEO Technical Audit and SEO Content Optimization

What do you do when your core business is about people finding your artwork that is for rent, but you are getting no search engine traffic? You have strong content about your service and about the artists.  The first step is to audit the website for programming and meta information completeness.

In building a website, the design and content can take an overwhelming amount of effort.  Those initiatives often take center stage, and the technical aspects of SEO such as H1 tagging and complete meta information is often overlooked.

Art Dimensions Online Website

After completing an SEO audit of the site, it was revealed that were some technology and content updates to be completed. The main focus was the artist area that has extensive images and content.  A technology update was made to the platform to allow alt image tagging and meta information to be inserted into these page. After completing keyword research to find the optimal keyword group targets, the content was updated and optimized and meta information was created.

With the updates to these pages completed in April, the volume of overall search had a  448.74% increase overall by September.  In addition, the Artist pages improved by 469.47%.  Although some of this traffic art to new artist pages, the existing pages have seen the strongest improvements.

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