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Search Engine Optimization

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Analytics / Performance Review 
• Keyword Research / Competitive Analysis
• Content Updates
• Meta Information and Content Optimization
• Ongoing Analytics Review and Recommendations

Our SEO methodology begins with analytics review to determine the current search engine performance of the website.

The next step is to look at the most successful competitors online and offline to determine potential keyword opportunities. This analysis is included in the overall keyword research. The keyword research is developed to create a cluster that groups similar words. This approach allows for flexibility in copy writing and optimization that provides more ‘natural’ content.

Once this is completed, we look at the existing content on the website for optimization opportunities and make recommendations for content that will bring more traffic to your site for key phrases not previously used.

The last stage of the process is to create meta information such as title tags, meta descriptions and H1 tags for all pages. In addition, the final content is reviewed to ensure needed keywords were included in the copy.

Since search algorithms are perpetually being updated, we recommend an ongoing program to create SEO analytics dashboards that will track the performance of inbound Search activity and also performance to goals (such as contact us or other downloads) to ensure the quality of search traffic is helping to drive the business part of the website.

SEO Audit

You might not be sure where to start or what elements of your site you should look at? SEO is more than content and involves image optimization, page speed, code requirements and other meta information. Why not have us do an SEO audit for you.

Available Resources

We work to create resources that are used by our team and can be used by clients to maintain their program.

SEO Technical Score Card: Make sure you are looking at all of the elements of your site that impact your SEO rankings. We have a great spreadsheet to guide you through the process.

Keyword Ranking Traffic and Revenue Impact Calculator: Make sure you are finding the right words for organic and paid search. This easy calculator will show the change in impact of different keyword selections.